: Categories of Nasser plastic products

Tables and chairs

Tables and chairs in different designs and colors

Plastic drawers

All kinds of plastic drawers in different sizes

Household utensils

All kinds of plastic containers and home appliances

About Us

Nasser Plastic produces all kinds of tables and chairs, household utensils and plastic drawers in different designs

Nasser Plastic is the largest producer of plastic products in the country with more than years of experience in producing the best plastic products throughout Iran
  • best quality
  • The lowest price
  • high efficiency
  • The best ingredients
Our goal is to produce the highest quality products and the maximum satisfaction of you, dear consumers
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Cooperation in sales
  • Increase in national production
  • Employment

30 +

years, experience
Experience the best products only with us

Why You Should Choose Us

: Providing the best products with a guarantee

Using the best materials in products

Providing the highest quality products at the lowest price

Guaranteed product performance even after years of use

Work with us

You can now contact our consultants for advice and cooperation

Nasser Plastic is ready to cooperate with any business to cooperate in sales and other issues