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Naser Plastics, a leading company in the plastics industry

With many years of efforts in the field of plastic products, the company has been able to manufacture household products, tables and chairs, chairs, plastic files of various sizes and sizes. All these products are made with the best quality and are washable.
In the field of home and kitchen products, Nasser plastic products are working to provide the best of their customers. A variety of dowry plastic services, plastic containers, and thousands of products you need from the Nasser Manufacturing Group.
In the field of table and chairs, we strive to make the best products in different sizes and colors for different uses, in order to meet the needs of your buyers. All kinds of desks and chairs for adults and children are presented in a beautiful design and color with unmatched quality.
The files and shelves of this company are presented in different colors to fit the buyers' tastes. These files are of excellent quality and excellent resilience, suitable for use in homes and because of their lightness, they can easily be moved.

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Address: Water Organization Street, Abali Road, Tehranpars

Fax: 7317 (98-21 +)

Phone: 7310 (98-21 +)

Email: info@naserplastic.com

Website: www.naserplastic.com


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